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Oil & Water

This is a project I like to revisit every summer. I visited the local consignment stores and picked up a nice clear glass bowl and the brightest patterned shirt I could find. If you decide to try this project, here's a few tips:


1. Put your camera on manual focus and try to stay in one spot. (I used my tripod for this shoot) Let the patterns come to you.


2. Use a shallow depth of field. You don't want the patterns in the background detracting from the oil patterns.


3. Shoot fast! The oil will start to come together fairly quickly. Eventually, it will all come together as one sheet of oil on top of the water.

Instant Fog

An attempt to control the elements! Here is one very easy way to add a fog-like element to your images. This is only a few examples. A piece of advice, the added fog will mess with your settings. Once you get your shot in focus, turn off auto focus before fogging over your lens. Also, the fog will add more light, so you will probably have to increase your shutter speed or narrow your aperture. Most important, have fun!

Creating a Watermark

HDR Photography